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Only $180.00
The lamp has one bulbs of 36 watt Narrowband UVB. The bulb is UVCLINIC in Europe 36 watt. The lamp weight is about 2 Lb, 1 Kilogram. With suitable plug and voltage to every buyer.
36 Watt Narrowband UVB Lamp
Only $140.00
Narrowband UVB lamp for Vitiligo, digital timer and UVB blocking glasses.
9 watt narrowband UVB
Only $70.00
Narrowband UVB UVCLINIC made in Europe bulb 9 watt
Only $40.00
Tevaskin gel for Vitiligo to use with UVB lamp. Tevaskin for Vitiligo.
Tevaskin for Vitiligo gel
Only $40.00
The meter shows the UVB power of a UVB lamp.
UVB light meter

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