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UVB power meter

UVB power meter
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This meter will enable you check the power of your UVB lamp.

For accurate reading you need to place it exactly 4 inch (4 centimters) from the uvb bulb.
Normal reading for a 9 watt lamp of Philips will be 2.5 on the meter.
If the reading is below 2.0 it means that you need to clean the bulb and the reflector from dust, or that your lamp is not good.
Low reading means that your lamp is weak, and the exposure time that it will require is too long.
The reading is in milli watt per square centimeter.
To convert to Joule you need to multiply the reading by the exposure time.
For example if the meter shows 2.0 and you use the lamp 5 minutes on the skin, (300 seconds), the radiation that your skin received is 2.0 X 300= 600 milli joule, or 0.6 joule.
The meter works with both narrowband and broadband lamps.