Vitiligo PUVA Kit

$90.00 $60.00


The kit re pigment spots of Vitiligo.
The average time to cure is one month.
If you have the spots more than 10 years and in the legs and hands it can take 2 months.
The price includes:
Usage instructions.
1 inch diameter high power PUVA lamp.
Psora-Ora Psoralen.
Digital timer.
Shipping with express mail.
Do not look directly at the lamp light.
If you need to treat the face wear sunglasses or close the eyes.
Put one drop of the psoralen gel on the skin with vitiligo.
Do not let it reach the skin around the vitiligo.
After 10 seconds clean the skin from the gel.
Put the lamp touching the skin so that the light will fall on the skin.
In the first day the time should be 10 seconds.
Increase every day by 10 seconds until the skin will be little pink.
The average time is 2 minutes but you must increase gradually to let the skin get used.


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