Medical Lamp with automatic timer

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Handy lamp.
This lamp has a timer that turns off the light after 10-990 seconds.
The lamp treats skin area of 4 X 8 inch (10 X 20 cm). about palm of a hand.
The cure takes 1-2 months.
What you get is:
The handy lamp with a suitable plug and voltage.
Philips 9 Watt narrowband UVB bulb, installed in it.
Automatic timer.
Glasses that block UVB light.
Usage instructions.
Express mail shipping.
The bulb is Narrowband type, 9 watt. Philips PLS-9W/01/2p
The bulb give a spectrum of 311-313 nanometer and it is called  Narrow Band UVB.
Many clinics and hospitals give treatments with the same lamp.
In the clinics the treatments are over the whole body, like in a stand up tanning booth.
Here you can buy the same lamp but for local treatments.
Each treatment should start from 20 seconds, and increases by 20 seconds every day, until the skin starts to be a little bit pink.


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