Do you send to every country?
Yes, we send to every country: USA, Australia, UK, Europe etc. To every country we send a lamp with the suitable plug and voltage. There is no need to use a transformer or adapter when you get the lamp. However you cannot take the lamp to another country that have another voltage and use it with a transformer. If you have a 110 volt lamp you cannot take it to Europe and use it with a transformer. The line frequency in USA is 60 Hertz and in Europe is 50 Hertz and this changes the current of the lamp. You cannot also take 240 volt lamp and use a transformer and use in in the US, from the same reason.

What is the difference between Narrowband and Broadband?
Narrowband lamps are more suitable for Eczema and Vitiligo, and also to people with Psoriasis that have sensitive skin. People with Psoriasis with normal skin should use Broadband. If they will use Narrowband every treatment can take 20 minutes. Using a small lamp at home, if you have 6 areas to treat and every area takes 20 minutes, it will take total of 1.5 hour with narrowband. If broadband will be used, it will take only 15 minutes since broadband is stronger.

There is an increase of skin cancer from using a UVB lamp?
The statistics shows that there is no risk. Some researches shows that UVB decreases the risk of cancer. Only UVA light increases the risk when it is given in very high doze. UVA exists in the sun and in tanning beds that have UVA light. UVB is given in a very low doze and because of that there is no risk. There are thousands of UVB clinic in the world and the use of UVB is approved by the FDA, NHS and government health offices in the world.

Why do I need a timer in the lamp?
UVB lamps have a strong effect on the skin. They should be used for only few minutes a day. The skin is sensitive to UVB light. Too much time will burn the skin. That is why the timer is essential.

What are UVB lamps?
UVB lamps are lamps that give ultraviolet light of 290-320 nanometer. This wavelength has a strong effect on the skin even when it is given in a very low doze. The skin generates Vitamin D3 when it received UVB light. Many skin diseases, mainly Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema are cured by UVB lamps. Even some types of skin cancer are treated with UVB light.

I read articles that say that narrow band uvb is better, why you offer me to buy broad band?
The articles relate to clinics. In clinics there are lamps with very high power narrowband lamps, of about 3000 watt. At home when you use a lamp with power of 9 watt, it is not the same. You can use narrowband for Vitiligo and Eczema, but for Psoriasis every treatment can take you 30 minutes for every area. With Broadband it will take you only 3 minutes. That is why broadband is considered more practical for Psoriasis. If you have Psoriasis and your skin is sensitive to the sun, you can use narrow band and it will not take you so much time, because your skin is sensitive. But if you have Psoriasis, and your skin is not sensitive it will take you too much time.