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Our products for Vitiligo

Only $100.00
Narrowband UVB lamp for Vitiligo, digital timer and UVB blocking glasses.
9 watt narrowband UVB
Only $25.00
The Psoralen increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light. Tevaskin drops for Vitiligo.
Psoralen drops for Vitiligo Tevaskin
Only $25.00
Cream for Vitiligo to use with UVB lamp. Tevaskin for Vitiligo.
Vitiligo cream TEVASKIN

Our products for Psoriasis

Only $100.00
A lamp for Psoriasis and digital timer and UVB blocking glasses.
External timer Narrowband lamp
Only $800.00
A lamp that treats the whole body. 2 bulbs of 40 watt Broadband UVB. $800 is total for shipping in the US. Other countries will need to pay more if shipping is more expensive.
Whole body Psoriasis Lamp

Our products for Clinics

Units with many lamps for clinics.
Lamps for Clinics
Only $25.00
UVB power meter
UVB power meter

Our products for chronicwound

Only $25.00
Herbal cream for Chronic wounds.
Tevaskin for Chronic wounds

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