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Our products for Vitiligo

Only $80.00
Narrowband UVB lamp for Vitiligo, digital timer and UVB blocking glasses.
9 watt narrowband UVB
Only $25.00
The Psoralen increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light. Tevaskin drops for Vitiligo.
Psoralen drops for Vitiligo Tevaskin
Only $25.00
Cream for Vitiligo to use with UVB lamp. Tevaskin for Vitiligo.
Vitiligo cream TEVASKIN

Our products for Psoriasis

Only $80.00
A lamp for Psoriasis and digital timer and UVB blocking glasses.
External timer Narrowband lamp
Only $1,000.00
A lamp for the whole body. 4 bulbs of 100 watt Narrowdband UVB. Total of 400 watt. $100 including shipment with express mail.
Whole body Psoriasis Lamp

Our products for Clinics

Units with many lamps for clinics.
Lamps for Clinics
Only $25.00
UVB power meter
UVB power meter

Our products for chronicwound

Only $25.00
Herbal cream for Chronic wounds.
Tevaskin for Chronic wounds

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